Vontro is an absolute solution for Online Movie Ticket Booking. This is first of its kind experience for people in the world. You can view movie detail  and book tickets in realtime.

vontro Features

There is a very powerful administration section through which the website owners can maintain the complete site, allot number of tickets, cancel/book a show, change show pricing, run the privilege club program and it is all built using a Content Management System.

Vontro.com Features
To use or operate vontro you don’t need any prior knowledge of HTML or programming. You don't have to be fluent in HTML or graphic design.
Vontro is purly script-based ticketing software. You can easily connect Vontro to your web site just by copy and paste the script to your webpage.
Contact us submissions are emailed to the administrator's email account.
Any changes made by operator/administrator will automatically updates on client side.
Vontro ticketing software offers Complete, Inexpensive, Simple-to-use and Reliable hosted solution for theatres.
Vontro offers customers, a 24/7 Internet box office, information in real time on seat availability and an option to make the payment and purchase tickets. Customers can book a seat of their choice anytime, anywhere without waiting in long queues. Our easy to use system includes Print-at-Home ticketing.
When transacting online business security is a key concern for all parties. You have no worries on this front. Vontro, ensured as you expand your operations in cyberspace.