Vontro is an absolute solution for Online Movie Ticket Booking. This is first of its kind experience for people in the world. You can view movie detail  and book tickets in realtime.

vontro pricing

The interactive ticketing solution from Vontro does not cost you a fortune or even dig a hole in your pocket. We charge a regular monthly/ six monthly / yearly fee, with no additional setup fee. An extremely economic pricing considering the variety of features and the quality of the product which you are going to receive.

Vontro Plan Overview and Pricing


  Star 1 Star 2  
One Month Package   $50 $85  
Six Month Package   $300 $500  
One Year Package   $550 $825  
Vontro Feature        
Vontro Google Ads   No Yes  
Script Base Software
  Yes Yes  
"Contact us" for Administrator
  Yes Yes  
24/7 Internet box office
  Yes Yes  
Administrator Feature        
Add multiple Theaters   Yes Yes  
Add multiple Screens   Yes Yes  
Showtime submission   Yes Yes  
Set movie schedule any time   Yes Yes  
Design your theater   Yes Yes  
Custom ticket pricing   Yes Yes  
Any number of custom links
  Yes Yes  
Partons Feature        
AJAX-powered showtime retrieval   Yes Yes  
Map / Directions   Yes Yes  
Online Ticket Booking   Yes Yes  
Select Seat   Yes Yes  
About Us Page   Yes Yes  
Contact Us Submission Page   Yes Yes